About Us

The restaurant “Pantalan” was inaugurated on November 24 2011 with the aim of offering its customers a service based on quality, both in customer service and in providing quality gourmet food.

The Pantalan is our second restaurant, following from the Embarcadero started in 2006.  Both restaurants are located close together in the  “Muelle Deportivo” of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, one of the most privileged areas of leisure and recreation in the city.

The Pantalan follows the theme of Mediterranean cuisine started in the Embarcadero but with a new feel. In this new smaller restaurant we have changed the aesthetics and incorporated a modern, simple, local design.

This restaurant is located in a comfortable corner in the heart of the capital, offering customers spectacular views of the harbour and sea, making this restaurant a special place where guests can feel freed from their daily burdens.